This year due to the eclipse on 07th,August, 2017 Upakarma is performed on September 06th, 2017 in India. However, Gayathri Japam should be performed on August 08th.

Where there is no eclipse/Grahanam visible, they can perform on August 07th.

For Those performing Upakarma in August  2017

Download PDF in Tamil  | Download PDF in Sanskrit

Gayathri Japa Sankalpam :  

| Download MP3

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  1. S Ravichandrran Reply

    Kindly this year also send us audio of both, UPAKARMA and Gayatri Japam Sankalpam

  2. Sriskandan Reply

    Hi All,
    Due to the eclipse on 07th, August, 2017, Upakarma was performed by me yesterday (September 06th, 2017) in India. Since there was a death in my family on 7th September, Gayathri Japam could not be performed on August 08th. Hence, please advise on when I can perform the Gayathri Japam.

  3. Natarajan Reply

    Namaskarams. we are Telugu Brahmin & following Andhara Sampradaya yajurvedam. As my son & relative are strugling to do Saudiyavandanam with Tamil script, may I request your highness to publish/post the Andhra sampradaya yajur veda Trinkala Saudiyavanthanam in Audio/mp3 form so as to do the same with proper pronounsation. Thanks

  4. Ramakrishnan N Reply

    Thanks for the details and it was very helpful for the occasion. The attachment of mp3 was very clear and could follow in complete. Thanks once again for this and request to continue support like this.

  5. Sathyamoorthy Iyer Reply

    Many many thanks. We have moved from Chennai to Ahmedabad recently. We were looking for this sankalpam and mantram . Thanks for publishing it here.

  6. S.Venkatramani, AGM(retd.,) BSNL. Reply

    With reference to Mr. Varadhatajan’s comments. I would like to mention , that with the blessings of Kanchi periyava/acharyas, the Vedabavan at Secunderabad has grown to the size of big Banion tree and trained several young children to become Gananapati’s.. The guidance of S/Sri.Venkatrama,Swamynadan& Raman Ganapathigals has been the driving force in moulding the children as Veda pandits.
    To strengthen, this institution and to support them in continuing their yeomen service, we the Asthigas in particular and all Hindus in general , who are residing abroad & NRIs , also, should come forward, to donate liberally in cash and kind to Vedhabavan and strengthen the hands of Sri Venkatrama Ganapatigal, Managing Trustee in his sacred task.
    Jaya Sankara, hara hara shankara.


    BEST BEST BEST. My Heart Filled Up Totally. Hence No Words.

  8. K Venkata Chandan Kumar Reply

    D/ Sir

    In the Samkalpa it is said Greeshma Ritu ( Sravana Masa- Pournami; Dakshinayane); Some say this should be Varsha Ritu. Please guide further

    • kgopalan Reply

      chithrai- vaikasi=vasantha ruthu; ani-adai=greeshma ruthu; avani-puratasi=varsha ruthu; aipasi-karthikai=sarat ruthu; markali-thai=hemantha ruthu; masi-panguni=cicira ruthu. this is based on sun movement to every month. sowra months are mesham, rishabam, mithunam, katakam, simham, kanni, thulam, vrischikam, thanus, makaram, kumbam,meenam.

      based on moon movement from sukla paksha prathamai to amavasai chandramaana month will come.month names are chaithram, vaishakam, jyeshtam; aashadam,ciraavanam; pathrapatham; aashvinam, karthikam, markaciram, pousham, maakam, palkunam, this year from from 23-7-2017 to 21-08-2017 is shraavana month. gayathri japa sankalpam falls on 6-8-2017 this year. so grishma ruthu is correct. only after 21-8-2017 varsha ruthu comes.. soura month is the basis for calculating ruthus.soura month aavani starts from 17-8-2017 from which starts varsha ruthu and for people following soura month . for people following chandramana month only from 21-8-2017 varsha ruthu starts.

  9. Sairam Reply

    Many are celebrating Yajur Upakarama Today 07/08 . I am disappointed that you did not do it today

  10. Jayram Reply

    I am amazed at the single minded dedication ! I bow to thee ! Namaskaram .

  11. R.Varadarajan Reply

    You are doing yeoman service for people like us who temporarily find ourselves in USA as I am now. We are able to perform our rituals without missing them.
    Thank you.

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