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We are extremely happy to inform you all that Sankara Bhaktha Sabha Trust which was started in the year 1968 with the divine blessings of Mahaperiyaval has completed 49 years and entered the Golden Jubilee Year on this Vinayaka Chaturthi Day. It is also a divine coincidence that the 50th Year Anniversary of Sabha coincides with the 125th year of Mahaperiyaval’s Birth Anniversary and 50th year Jayanthi Celebrations of Sri Bala Periyaval. It is also the 100th Year of great Mahan Brahma Sri Ramaswami Sarma who was a great Veda Adhyapaka who was very dear to Sri Kanchi Paramacharyal and has taught number of vidyarthis

It is heartening to note that with supreme grace of the Divine and the ever-flowing compassion of the great Acharyals of Kanchi and all of your support we were able to continue the  rendering yeoman service in Religious & Spiritual Activities.

The Sabha has been conducting various cultural, religious and spiritual activities with single minded dedication and all the efforts goes to all our Trustees, Staff, Volunteers, Donors, Philanthropists and all the Devotees who participate in Large numbers be it Daily Vishnu Sahasranama Archana, Lalitha Sahasranama Archana, Pradosham, Surya Namaskarams on Sunday,  Sankatahara Chaturhti, Anusham/Guruvara Pada Pooja, Navarathri, Krithika Mandala Veda Parayanam,  and Sankara Jayanthi. It is known to one and all about the grandeur in which the Sabha conducts the Sankara Jayanthi Celebrations along with Mahaperiyaval Jayanthi and Acharyal Jayanthi. The Sabha also conducts the Sastra Sabha and also supports Sri Sankara Gurukula Veda Patasala which is registered as a separate Trust where there are 140 vidyarthis who are presently doing Veda Adhyayanam.

We thank all the Devotees, Donors, Philanthropists, Institutions and Organizations who  have helped  continuously to ensure we perform all the activities in  a grand manner. We appeal and request all the Devotees to continue to participate in large numbers in all the Activities and receive the blessings of Lord Veda Parameswara, Goddesses Rajarajeswari and Acharyals.

List of All Sevas performed at Vedabhavan

Details about our Veda Patasala

Jaya Jaya Sankara  Hara Hara Sankara

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