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  1. kgopalan Reply

    thank you very much for surya namaskaram mp3. everu sunday i can do this.

    kindly also publish about mouni amavasai on 27-1-2017; 28-1-2017 to 26-2-2017 maagha Snaanam manthras and arkyam manthras; ;28-1-17 to 5-2-17 shyamala navarathri; 31-1-17 kuntha chathurthy; 1-2-17 vasantha panchami; 3-2-17 ratha sapthami; 4-2-2017 ;bheestaashtami; 8-2-17 thila pathma dwadasi; 9-2-17 thai poosam and 10-2-17 aagaamaavai.

  2. Ramanatha iyer Reply

    please post mahalaya tharpana daily sankalpam.

    thank you in advance.
    ramanatha iyer, chennai.



    Please post Sri. Mahanyasam and Sri. Vishnu Sahasranam mp3

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