The Patasala has produced many Successful Vidyarthis who have mastered various grades of Vedas Examinations are being conducted at Patasala, Kanchi Mutt, Sringeri Mutt and other eminent Vedic institutions and Mutts at Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Vidyarthis of our Institution are well recognised by Vedic Sadas & Institutions all over India.

  • More than 150 students who have studied in the Patashala and passed with flying colours
  • More than 100 of them have passed the difficult stage of Ghana
  • 50 have passed the Krama stage which has helped them pursue stable and comfortable livelihoods
  • 12 students have gone on to become teachers at other Patashalas
  • 5 students have successfully passed the Veda Bhashyam exam with flying colours
  • 3 of our students have pursued Lakshana Pariksha and have become Salakshana Ghanapatis
  • 4 students are pursuing advanced studies in Meemamsa, Nyaya and other aspects of Shadanga (6 auxiliary branches of the Vedas)