• To impart Vedic Sciences & Sastras in the Traditional Gurukulam method and other related subjects in depth, conducting daily classes, holding meetings and publishing Books.
  • To establish, maintain, run the Gurukula Veda Patasalas in various parts of the country and to produce Vedic Scholars to propogate all the four Vedas.
  • To enforce spiritual studies by augmenting Spiritual Training and Yoga centres for General Public also
  • To establish and maintain Libraries for Vidyarthis, Scholars and General Public as well.

Our Vision

  • The preservation of our ancient culture and tradition of Oral Recitation of Vedas in Gurukula System
  • To promote Higher Vedic Studies such as Veda Bhashyam, Shadangam, Srowtham, Smartham, Kavyam, Samskritam, Ithihasa Puranam among the Vidyarthis who have completed basic Studies.
  • To Teach the Vidyarthis Mathematics, Social Sciences, Modern Science and Technological Education and also make them responsible citizens with Social Values and awareness