The prescribed Sakhas in Rig Veda, Krishna Yajur Veda are being taught at present in our Patasala. Normally it takes about 10 to 12 years of hard work to acquire mastery in one Sakha of the Vedas. Vidyarthis are screened and Selected at the tender age of 8 to 9 years immediately after Upanayanam and admitted into the Curriculum.

The Vidyarthis are given free food, Clothing and Medical facilities to ensure good health, during this entire course of study

All branches of Vedas are being taught only as per the age-old Gurukula system of oral chanting, hearing, repeating and committing to memory. The exact intonation and the Swara / Pitch are very important and any deviation will change the meaning of the text. Hence, this mode of learning is possible only where the Guru & the Vidyarthi (Teacher & the Student) both live under one roof and practice the recitation of Vedas. This pedagogy helps improving listening skills, memory power and ability to visualise in abstraction. Such development in the cognitive skills of the students helps them in adjusting, adapting and thriving in all contexts and situations.

Since only a few scholars are available at present, in the country, in Sastras like, Vedanta, Nyaya, Vyakarna,Mimamsa and other difficult disciplines, Veda Bhashyam Classes has been started. Interested Vidyarthis are encouraged to go undertake the course since not many are coming forward to go for higher studies.

Srowtha classes have also been introduced which covers the performing of various rituals / Yagnas for the welfare of the mankind and the world. Yagnas are to be performed strictly according to the system mentioned in the Vedas. Knowledge of Performing the Yagnas and other rituals can be obtained only after studying the complete course in detail for which it takes a period of 3 years to obtain mastery.

Apart from the above, training of selected Vidyarthis in Smartham (application of Vedic procedure to various rituals) like Upanayanam, Vivaham, Seemantham and other functions are also included in the Curriculum and this is known as Prayoga.

The Vidyarthees are also given exposure to India’s great epics – Itihasas and Puranas like Srimad Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavatha and other great works. This fosters a devotional attitude and provides opportunities to learn organizing skills. Interaction with devotees and performing duties like serving and attending to the senior citizens, helps the Vidyarthees imbibe social interaction skills, empathy and a service oriented selfless approach.

Regular classes in Samskrit, English, Arithmetic & Social Sciences help the students establish themselves in society. During the annual day celebrations, students enact a play with all dialogues in Samskrit. Video Recordings about Veda Samrakshanam, Appeal for Building Fund, Sanskrit Dramas by Vidyarthis are available in Youtube Channel