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Based on the requests of many devotees who are staying abroad and are in remote places where Vadyar is not available,  we are uploading the Upakarma (Avani Avittam) procedure for Samaveda Upakarma on 11th September, 2018.

Please note that Sama Upakarma procedure is very lengthy with Sama Gaanam other rituals involved and we request devotees to perform it thoroughly with all rituals at the behest of their Vadyar.

The given audio below is a condensed version only.

The audio recording has been done by Brahma Sri Chandramouli Srowthigal, Chennai on our request.

01. Introduction, Mahasankalpam, Brahma Yagnam :

| Download MP3

02. Deva Rishi Pitru Tarpanam and Yagnopaveetha Dharnam : 

| Download MP3

03. Vedarambam: 

| Download MP3

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  1. Suresh Srinivas Reply

    Thank you. This was very helpful. Is there a way we can give dakshina to the Vadhiyar. He was very clear and detailed.

  2. Srinivasan Reply

    Namaskarams to the Group. I wanted to know the gayathri japam sankalpam mantram that is done after sama veda avaniavittam. if you can send us a audio of that it will be helpful

  3. Anand Veeraraghavan Reply

    Thank you very much!!!
    Highly Appreciate….
    I am in Japan now and was able to do this time…!!

  4. Jayaraman Reply

    Kindly the uploads. Mahasankalpam & brahmayagyam are missing and vedhaarmbam has been duplicated

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