On this occasion of Sankara Jayanthi, Publishing the Sankara Avatara Ghatta Parayanam, Archana Namavali of Sankara Bhagavatpada and Paramacharyal

Download the PDF file .

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    I have come to know about your site only now. Very good and informative. Is it possible to host the slokas etc., on PDF format, like Viratha Pooja Vidhanam will be useful. I am unable to down load in Audio format. If it is in PDF then I can take the print and then perform. I will be grateful to you if you could help me.

  2. Balasubramanyam nagarajan Reply

    Very good rendering.thanks for the persons involved in this sacred works

  3. Varadarajan Rajamani Reply

    Thank you .Downloaded it immediately for parayanam and recitation of Namavali.Thrilled to get Sri.Paramacharya’s ashtoththara sathanamavali.
    Once again, THANKS

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