The main source of funds to maintain and run the Patasala relies on donations from well-wishers, philanthropists and charitable institutions. The Corpus Fund built over the years, is not sufficient to meet the expenses now with the present strength of Patasala, since the interest rates offered by the Banks have fallen drastically.

The Maintenance expenses of the Patasala for Boarding, Clothings & Accommodation and other Medical and Infrastructure now works out to an average of Rs.5 lacs per month.

We earnestly appeal to all our Well – Wishers and General Public to come forward and help us by contributing their best to sustain the growth of the Patasala for promoting and propagating our Vedic Dharma to future generation and preserve our Vedic Tradition & Culture. By sharing our concern you are greatly helping us to preserve the Spiritual and Cultural Legacy of Bharata Varsha.

Prospective Donors are warmly invited to participate in any of the various Endowment / Sponsorship Schemes such that Donors may Contribute for some specific occasion or purpose such as Birthday, Wedding Anniversary or in memory of ancestral family members.

Apart from this, we also accept contributions in general even in a very small measure according to their mite or in kind Rice, Dal, Oil etc. to take care of the above activities

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IT Exemption Under Section 80-G of the Indian Income Tax Act is available for contributions made vide Lr.No.F.No.DIT(E)/HYD/80G/ 90(04)/08-09 Dt.12-09-2008 valid up to 31-03-2010 extended IN PERPETUITY as per Finance Bill 2009 of GOI effective 01-10-2009 vide IT Dept. Circular No.7/2010 [F.No.197/21/2010-ITA-I] dt.27-10-2010.