The Sabha which was started with a main objective to promote Vedic Studies and research and for the preservation of the ancient tradition of oral recitation of the Vedas under the Guru sishya parampara has been continuously supporting Sri Sankara Gurukula Veda Patasala (a sister organization founded under the instructions of Sri Paramacharyal in 1984) in all its activities.

Keeping in view of the increasing strength of Vidyarthis of the Patasala, and for the successful conduction and expansion of regular activities of the Sabha, the requirement of an individual place for their functioning arose. With the blessings of Acharyal’s, and spontaneous cooperation from the general public and Philanthropists the Sabha was able to acquire and construct Vedabhavan. Since then, the Sabha accommodated Sri Sankara Gurukula Veda Patasala having a strength of around 40 Vidyarthis at that time.

With the gradual increase in strength and the introduction of learning various branches of Vedas namely Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Veda Bhashya Courses and in order to accommodate forth-coming projects like Library, Research Center, Class Rooms, Medical Facilities etc,. the Sabha acquired land admeasuring 533 sq. yards identical next to Veda Bhavan.

Veda Bhavan is envisioned to become a Vedic University to impart high quality Vedic Education with association of Sri Sankara Gurukula Veda Patasala.

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