All the devotees are requested to Participate and receive the blessings of Lord Parameswara and Acharyal’s Anugraha

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  1. kgopalan Reply

    kindly let me know the descending order of abishekam materials, and also the flowers and haaram to shiva for kalam alankaram and neivedhyam for each kalam of pooja.

    • vedabhavan Reply

      Dear Sir

      The following are the items used in Abhishekam. Bilvam is very important for archana. Other than that you can use all flowers which can be generally used for puja. We can adore Spatika Mala or Rudraksha Mala which is exclusively used for the Lord.

      Sugarcane juice
      Fruit juice
      Coconut water
      Sandlle paste water

  2. kgopalan Reply

    can I participate this through my skype. My skype I>D> id gopalankrishnan1.

    • vedabhavan Reply

      Dear Sir

      While we are glad that you are willing to participate, at present, there is a challenge in setting up internet and recording/streaming it from the Puja Stage. There are also some inconveniences to the Public gathering here for the Puja. We are trying to get the Live Streaming of Important events here and by Sankara Jayanthi, we will try to arrange the same and in future we can relay all events live.

      Hope you will understand the challenges.


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